Praise For Kevin Brkal


-Matthew Bruce

"Kevin has brought our lead price down from $1.21 from when I was in charge of it, to $.45 per lead. He is constantly making A/B tests and making changes. He also works extremely fast when we have a task for him. He is extremely easy to work with and he constantly sends us videos of how are ads are doing and suggestions he has and wants to start implementing. We are very pleased and he works well with our team."


-Matt Kendrall

"Kevin and team have done an excellent job with developing our B2B Facebook marketing process. We made huge improvements immediately with our cost per lead. Kevin is a perfectionist and doesn't ease off when things are looking just OK. He's very careful to make sure everything is optimized before turning up the spend. Awesome."

Gary Nealon

-Brooks Maitland

"Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and has done an excellent job implementing and managing our Facebook ads. We have gotten some excellent leads through his campaigns!"

Gary Nealon

-Gary Nealon

"Working with Kevin has been great so far. Super fast response times, makes suggestions/recommendations based upon what is he seeing in the market place, and is focused on constantly testing and driving down CPA.”

Anita Rothery

-Anita Rothery

"Kevin was a pleasure to work with - they explained the process in detail and were in constant communication with throughout the project. He created a user and mobile friendly company website in the time frame they promised. His commitment to customer service and delivering a quality product went beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Kevin Brkal to everyone, you will not be disappointed.”

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