How Much Revenue Is Your Site Generating?

If you are not making money hand over fist then we need to talk. I have two unique processes that I explain down the page that when used help bring explosive revenue growth.

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Search Engine Optimization

When you check your analytics data are you seeing a year over year increase in organic traffic from Google? If not then my unique process will transform your SEO efforts.

The Hassle-Free SEO Explosion Technique

This unique process that I created uses a 3 step process outlined below:


When you build a house it is essential to have a rock solid foundation. I work on your actual website to ensure the SEO foundation is as solid as a rock.


This is the last and final step that is designed to let your site stand out in the eyes of Google. I use a unique process that essentially shines a spotlight on your site.

I helped a leading truck box manufacturer jump start their SEO efforts with The Hassle-Free SEO Explosion Technique which has increased organic results year over year of 40%. Those SEO improvements resulted in a revenue boost of 101%!


Facebook Ad Management

If you are not killing it with Facebook Ads then you need to give this unique process a try. I offer a free webinar that digs deep into this unique process. You can get your spot here.

The Worry-Free Traffic-On-Steroids Solution

Using the power of the RIO Formula, this process was able to help one client generate $35.64 in revenue for every $1 dollar they spent on Facebook ads.

The RIO Formula is based on three steps:


Next, I craft compelling ads that maximize click-through rates (CTR) well above average ads. The result? More leads for you at a lower cost per conversion. I also test multiple landing page concepts to ensure every dollar returns the most value.


Lastly, the "secret sauce" of the process. I use a unique optimization technique that utilizes Big Data to get big results. This ensures your campaigns perform at an extremely high level, dominating your niche and leaving competitors in your wake.

The Worry-Free Traffic-On-Steroids Solution works, plain and simple. The client I talked about before sold probably the hardest thing to sell online which is kitchen cabinets.

Spent $14,528 on ads and generated $517,817 in revenue!


A Proven Successful SEO & Facebook Ad Expert

  • 20+ Years Experience

    20+ Years Experience

    I know what works and what doesn't. Let me be your digital guide.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Flat Rate Pricing

    I work on a flat monthly retainer with no hidden surprises.

  • First Class Treatment

    First Class Treatment

    I take on a few clients, so you will always have my attention.

What Clients Have To Say

  • Gary Nealon

    "Working with Kevin has been great so far. Super fast response times, makes suggestions/recommendations based upon what is he seeing in the market place, and is focused on constantly testing and driving down CPA.”

    Gary Nealon
  • Casey Stanton

    "There are few people in the world who should be trusted with SEO - specifically because it's easy to fake it! Kevin works white hat, meaning they follow the rules EFFECTIVELY and get great results, without putting my business at risk.”

    Casey Stanton
  • Andy Little

    "Kevin is fantastic. His work is timely and very high quality. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of excellent web development and digital marketing.”

    Andy Little
  • Nicole Hanusek

    "Kevin is a pleasure to work with. He really knows his stuff when it comes to SEO and Wordpress. He's very responsive and communicative, which is a rare treat in the web world these days!”

    Nicole Hanusek
  • Laura Gouin

    "There aren't many marketers out there who can do what they do with ads that convert and SEO. The prompt delivery and excellent communication is appreciated as well!”

    Laura Gouin

Your SEO & Facebook Marketing Expert


kevin brkal

My name is Kevin Brkal and I have been a digital marketing technologist for over 20 years. I started digital marketing at a very young age and quickly fell in love with it.

I love taking on challenging projects that require new and fresh ideas. No challenge is to hard. My entire goal is to make sure that you not only meet your ROI goals but far exceed them.

I have 2 truly unique processes called The Worry-Free Traffic-On-Steroids Solution & The Hassle-Free SEO Explosion Technique. Both allow me to move extremely quick from our first conversation to actually seeing sales. These processes are what allows me to help clients not just meet their ROI goals but destroy them.

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